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Homo Sarcasmus is kind of like Free Range Chickens, only funnier and without the Jr. High School jokes.
Buckmaster just tells it like it is, and he's not afraid to "go there" when he needs to. Surprisingly, he tucks touching stories and little bits of wisdom between the guffaws. And I totally want him to be my "phone a friend" if music trivia is the game.
Because he keeps it real on a human level, anyone - male, female, gay, straight or otherwise - can identify with his humor.
In the immortal words of Oliver, "Please sir, may I have more?" - Reader in Walton, KY
I always felt that the purpose of a book should be to connect and teach and that is exactly what Heath (don't forget the) L. Buckmaster does. Now, what you learn and how you connect is up to you, the reader, or user as it may be. He waxes whacky with us in the many recollections of his years growing up under the decadent umbrella of the 80's reminding us that, yes the PeeWee Herman Show did happen. I had a ton of fun reading and know that when you begin and make that synaptic leap you will too. So enjoy, relax, don't take too seriously, and talk amongst yourselves. After all, as Leonard Nimoy said," The miracle is this-- the more we share, the more we have." - Reader in Texas.
Sophia (Mrs. Hayden Chalmers) chronicles her long life with quiet charm and soft familiarity.
In this truly lovely book, the author weaves such an intimate and compelling story, that it is quite impossible not to fall a little bit in love with Sophia and her family. Her emotions are stunningly brought to life, and I found myself crying along with Sophia, both happy tears and sad ones. I also smiled a lot while reading it.
Without spoiling the book, it's difficult to add more. Some of the topics and events in no particular order: prom dresses, the Korean War, unplanned pregnancy, post-traumatic stress, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, suicide, weddings, funerals, yard sales and porch swings. - Reader in Walton, KY
I think this my favorite book written by Heath. I can't express what a REAL character Heath created in Sophia. I felt so connected to her... and months after finishing the book I find myself still thinking about her. It's hard for me to believe she is a fictional character. I will say (while trying not to spoil any of the story) that I didn't love a certain part of Sophia's story. I found myself wanting to change it just a bit. I sent Heath a message... including my feedback... and he said his Mother actually felt the same way. HeeHee. You'll have to read the book to find out if you feel the same way! - Reader in Madison, NJ

Adult Fiction by Heath Buckmaster
Sweet Kisses
Memories of Hayden Chalmers

Memories soared through her mind as Sophia Chalmers rocked back and forth in the rickety chair on her porch. Memories of picnics, weddings, and the war. "These stories need to be told," she thought to herself. And she knew just the right person to hear them.
Take a trip through time as an aging southern widow recounts her passionate life filled with heartache and Sweet Kisses.

Homo sarcasmus
On the Origin of the Species

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It took Heath Buckmaster more than thirty years to publish this book, in part because he realized that it would ignite an inferno of controversy, and hopefully publicity. Although appearing initially in 1973, Homo sarcasmus remains a continuing source of confusion to this day. Even among those who live by these ideals, the science behind them is unimaginable. In a word, this book changed the world.

Homo sarcasmus
Best of the Blog v1

Out of Print
Why create this book? Good question. Most people who have been following my writing for the last several years have probably seen one or more of these posts and have fallen over in laughter (or else they were drunk while reading them which I cannot fault them for).
But there are many folks out there who for one reason or another (probably the lack of a good RSS Reader) may have never been exposed to the deliciousness that is Homo sarcasmus.

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