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The Magical Adventures of Princess Carrina
The Magical Adventures of Princess Carrina
YA Fiction, Magic, Dragons, Witches

Sweet Kisses - Memories of Hayden Chalmers

Adult Fiction, Romance, War, Marriage, Love

The Guardian of TeraMagoria

YA Fiction, Magic, Ghosts, Witches, Talking Fish

Homo sarcasmus

Short Story, History, Sarcasm, Humour

A Pair of Shorts Volume 1

Short Story, Suspense, Mystery

A Pair of Shorts Volume 2

Short Story, Dark Humour, ADHD, Obsession

Memories of Easter

There are so many memories of childhood - but the most vibrant are those from holidays. Memories of the smells and the tastes of a holiday can make us smile and laugh, and often cry. These are my memories of Easter - a holiday filled with colourful eggs and a discovery of the true meaning of the day.

Silent Kay and the Night Before Christmas

The night before Christmas was a long, long time ago. This fact is rarely disputed even thousands of years later, despite nights being eves and having their own associated celebrations. But this is not a tale of eves and nights – it’s a tale of a child, more powerful that she could have ever realized.

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