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Praise and Critique

This book [Personality Disorders] was funny and I would so be willing to read more of his books. Also he is absolutely crazy!!!!
As a mother to a young son with OCD+plus, I found this short story funny and honest. I do think there needs to be more awareness out. Can you believe it? Not everyone is the same!! Wow, who would have thunk it!
It is a very fast read. I liked it. Thanks for the free read. J......
This book was funny... I read it to my cat while brush my teeth after eating my organic peanut butter with my left hand and had to make sure my cat was not getting wet from my brushing my teeth. So I had to rebrush my teeth... back to the book. I forgot what I was writing... anyone want to goto bike riding...
How this author deals and lives with his disorders put some light on a subject I know little about. Interesting.
I found this for free and thought I'd give it a read because I liked the title. I liked rest of it, too. Cat ritual descriptives made me smile? Well written and intriguing.

Short Stories by Heath Buckmaster
Thorn Valley
Thorn Valley is a desolate place – or perhaps more accurately described, a dead place. A place where no plant, no animal, no anything could last for more than a few hours – maybe a day. Even the winds and rains avoided Thorn Valley, as if their essence would be smote if they remained too long.

A Pair of Shorts, Volume 1

A Pair of Shorts, Volume 1 - featuring two short stories from the collection.
The Peregryn: Marvelous and wonderful things often happen when the night is cold and the moon is shrouded in a deep and winding fog. A light mist of rain can even set the mood for magical and spiritual events. On my night, the night when these marvelous, wonderful, and according to the barometer, magical things would happen, my luck brought me here to this deserted and lonely place in the middle of the park. From author Heath L. Buckmaster, The Peregryn takes us on a cold and mystical journey, when the unnamed main character receives a strange letter in the mail. The letter reveals the presence of a watcher, a stalker perhaps, who wants a meeting in two days, and offers mysterious services.

Midnight: Reality can sometimes be more terrifying than a dream, especially when a scream wakes you from slumber and against your better judgement you leave the house to investigate.
A Pair of Shorts, Volume 2

A Pair of Shorts, Volume 2 - featuring two short stories from the collection, plus a bonus holiday story (just for fun).
Personality Disorders: It began as an exploration into my seemingly crazy behaviour. Was there a reason for it? Could it be explained scientifically? Was there a connection between my obsession, my compulsion, my addictions, and my attempts at functioning as a normal human being during the day? This exploration took me into the wonderful world of books - because I am incredibly well bred. But the books only confirmed that I was not alone in my madness. And so I began to document some of my own patterns to see if I could get just a glimpse of the meaning behind them. And in the end I discovered that yes, I am bat sh*t crazy.

Maureen: "Maureen, don't go. I need you." They were the last six words Maureen Jones heard before her eyelids fluttered and closed for the last time – her final breath slipping silently into the vastness of the private room on the top floor of St. Josephine of the Sacred Shrine hospital. Angry tears poured from Tom's bitter eyes and splashed onto the starch-white sheet that had been changed only minutes before. Now the sheets were dark grey – soaked in melancholy and morose tears from Tom, the man who waited.

Silent Kay and the Night Before Christmas (bonus story).

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