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The lonely witch Bertha sat at the window of her bedroom in a large and dusty castle. Across the river a group of villagers laughed and played, and averted their eyes from the watching witch. They were afraid of her, but Bertha did not understand why. She was a good witch, after all. She had never cast a mean spell in her life, and wouldn't think of doing so. And so she was alone without a true friend - except for the ghosts that lived with her in the castle. But a ghost couldn't give her a hug when she was sad, and a ghost couldn't join her for dinner. She longed for a real and true living friend who could be her companion. And then after the strangest of circumstances, into her life came a talking red fish, a ghost witch, and a mystery to solve that was hundreds of years old. Could Bertha solve the mystery of the talking fish? Would she ever earn the respect of the villagers? And would she ever learn how to fly like a proper witch? Join the adventure as Bertha the White Witch sets out across three magical kingdoms in search of the missing guardians - and perhaps finds herself along the way.

Praise and Critique
The website says this is "the third and final magical adventure" in the series but I'm seriously hoping Heath rethinks this (hint hint Heath). I finished this book and I'm still dying to know what would happen next. That is how good I thought this book was. The characters and their adventures became real in my head... and I can't accept that I won't be reading more. - Reader in NC
I know the Princess Carrina series is supposed to be for "young readers" but I have to tell you that I am totally LOVING the books and I'm 38 years old! Heath Buckmaster took this one even farther than he did with Box of Hair. There's more dialogue, excitement, depth in the characters, and the descriptions of the adventures and surroundings make you feel like you're right there! I could SEE the locations, the expressions of the characters, and the bond between the main characters as if I was watching it on a screen! I'm so excited for the 3rd book in the series to come out soon and would really LOVE to see the storyline make it to the big screen! I hope this author continues to share his wit, sense of adventure, and creativity with us for a long, long time! - Reader in Sacramento, CA

Young Adult Fiction by Heath Buckmaster
The Magical Adventures of Princess Carrina
In this special edition collection, all three books in the series come together as one complete story. Enjoy the adventure as Princess Carrina and her friends first discover the secrets inside the Box of Hair, save a young boy from an evil witch in The Venus Diary, and finally battle three siblings in The Dragons of Tarnack.

Available as a single Special Edition Collection, or as individual books available below.


Box of Hair, a Fair Tale

Princess Carrina sat quietly on her window ledge watching the fading colours of the sunset. A strange magical power grew inside her, but she had no idea what it was or how to use it.

The Venus Diary

Prince Flame discovers a child's diary filled with drawings of scary men and an evil witch. Princess Carrina and her friends set out to find the owner of the diary, and into a kingdom that is ruled in darkness.

The Dragons of Tarnack

With the evil queen Lucivia defeated, King Venus and Queen Grimelda assume the throne of Acadia, but their adventures are far from over when Carrina magically transports everyone to a kingdom once ruled by dragons.

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