This calls for Steak!

There’s really not much better than a good steak cooked to medium rare on the grill. Especially when paired with some pretty excellent veggies on the side. Here’s a recipe idea for your weekend BBQ…

First, get your steaks ready
First, get your steaks ready

First up – let’s get those steaks ready. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing salt and pepper and leaving the rest to the grill. Put on a nice shower of sea salt and freshly ground pepper and then rub it into the meat. Let that sit for about 15 minutes while you start working on the rest of the meal.

IMG_20140904_183719Up next – throw some green on the grill at the same time as the meat. I prefer asparagus because it grills so nicely and maintains a solid texture. All you need is a ziplock bag with a couple tablespoons of olive oil + salt and pepper.

And now on to the veggie stir fry…

Veggie Stir Fry in Cast Iron
Veggie Stir Fry in Cast Iron

I’m a big fan of using a large cast iron pan to get those veggies super awesome.

Start with your favourite oil (I used a blend of avocado oil and olive oil) and get it really hot. In goes the veggie mix. For this dinner I used: red potatoes, onion, orange/yellow/red peppers, bok choy, mushrooms, salt, pepper, and sage. (later we’ll add some yellow curry guacamole to the mix – but this is optional based on your preferences)

Get that goodness all cooked up so it looks like this…

IMG_20140904_185728The potatoes should be tender – test them with a fork to make sure they are done. This mixture is perfect as-is, but if you want an extra creamy dish, mix up a batch of guacamole using whatever recipe you prefer, then blend it with 1T yellow curry or more to taste. Mix that into the stir fry and this becomes the “bed” of your plate.

Now let’s put it all together!

IMG_20140904_190722Underneath pile your veggie stir fry, then layer on the grilled asparagus and the wonderfully grilled steak.

If you’re going to pair this with wine – I recommend a nice Argentine Malbec or a big bold Cab. Bon appetite!



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