Flimsy the Frog King

Flimsy Flotsom Filtreet, herald he,
a frog that sits on yonder tree,
a frog of strength, and might words
a frog who speaks to men and birds.

This frog you see, a king is he,
of royal blood, and stately steed,
a frog to rise above the heavens
but if you prick him, does he not bleed?

But one may ask of this tall tale
how this frog was known so well,
and how of all the names that he,
would wind up called, the King Flimsy.

The story thus is short and sweet,
his mother’s name was Flim Filtreet,
and marrying thus to Sy the Bleak
he came to be known Flimsy Flotsom Filtreet.

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