BuckmasterFlash is the online persona of Heath Buckmaster, a mostly retired Author, Candy Corn Influencer, Cook, Fundraiser, Gamer, Gardener, Nonprofit Volunteer, and Person of Tea.

Finding Me Online

Facebook Properties

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram to a lesser extent than Twitter. Feel free to follow along!

The Buckmaster Flash is also a delightful beverage…

50% Port / 50% Champagne

The Buckmaster Flash is a quick cocktail suited for winter festivities or summertime refreshment.

Mix 50/50 your favourite port and champagne to create a perfect treat for self and guests.

Substitutions are OK on the port side including Framboise or another fruit-infused or fortified liquor. Balance the sweetness with a dry sparkling wine.

Acceptable embellishments include a bitters-soaked sugar cube in the bottom of the flute as desired.

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