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Sweet Kisses

Sweet Kisses – Memories of Hayden Chalmers Hayden Chalmers. Now that was one fine lookin’ man – tall, with dark hair, except for exactly three gray ones, even though he was just a young man. He had the most exquisite blue eyes that were as clear as my koi pond on a cool winter day. […]

Princess Carrina

The Magical Adventures of Princess Carrina In this special edition collection, all three books in the series come together as one complete story. Enjoy the adventure as Princess Carrina and her friends first discover the secrets inside the Box of Hair, save a young boy from an evil witch in The Venus Diary, and finally […]


The Guardian of TeraMagoria The lonely witch Bertha sat at the window of her bedroom in a large and dusty castle. Across the river a group of villagers laughed and played, and averted their eyes from the watching witch. They were afraid of her, but Bertha did not understand why. She was a good witch, after all. She […]