I have five published novels – four are fantasy adventure stories for young adults (and adults), and one is a fictional adult memoir. Princess Carrina was the first completed series and she began with Box of Hair: A Fairy Tale. By the time I was nearing the end of the book I was already formulating the concepts for the next and so The Venus Diary and The Dragons of Tarnak were born. The trilogy paved the way for my next YA book The Guardian of TeraMagoria, which I intend to also be a trilogy if I can get around to finishing Book 2.

Not to veer off having a female lead, Sweet Kisses also features a strong female character in Sophia Chalmers – an aging southern widow who recounts her past in this fictional war memoir.

My next intended book is a complete departure and takes us into darkness (in a similar style as my short stories). We’ll see how it stacks up to these when it’s released. No spoilers.

Sweet Kisses

I think this my favorite book written by Heath. I can’t express what a REAL character Heath created in Sophia. I felt so connected to her… and months after finishing the book I find myself still thinking about her. – a reader in Madison, NJ

Princess Carrina

I finished this book and I’m still dying to know what would happen next. The characters and their adventures became real in my head… and I can’t accept that I won’t be reading more. – Reader in NC


Can Bertha solve the mystery of the talking fish? Will she ever earn the respect of the villagers? And will she learn how to fly like a proper witch? Bertha the White Witch sets out across three magical kingdoms in search of the missing guardians – and perhaps, finds herself along the way.