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A Pair of Shorts Volume 1

A Pair of Shorts Volume 1

The Peregryn: Marvelous and wonderful things often happen when the night is cold and the moon is shrouded in a deep and winding fog. A light mist of rain can even set the mood for magical and spiritual events.

On my night, the night when these marvelous, wonderful, and according to the barometer, magical things would happen, my luck brought me here to this deserted and lonely place in the middle of the park.

The Peregryn begins a cold and mystical journey when we receive a strange letter in the mail. The letter reveals the presence of a watcher, who wants a meeting in two days and offers mysterious services.

Midnight: Reality can sometimes be more terrifying than a dream, especially when a scream wakes you from slumber and against your better judgement you leave the house to investigate.


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