Sweet Kisses

Sweet Kisses – Memories of Hayden Chalmers

I think this my favorite book written by Heath. I can’t express what a REAL character Heath created in Sophia. I felt so connected to her… and months after finishing the book I find myself still thinking about her. – a reader in Madison, NJ

SK_cover_kindleHayden Chalmers. Now that was one fine lookin’ man – tall, with dark hair, except for exactly three gray ones, even though he was just a young man. He had the most exquisite blue eyes that were as clear as my koi pond on a cool winter day. And those sweet kissable lips. My oh my, you could kiss those lips all day long, take a break for a quick dinner, then go right on back to kissin’ ‘em again like they were cherry pie dessert with whipped topping.


Tasty and delicious. That’s what he was from head to toe and I couldn’t get enough of him. I would never say it was love at first sight, but I would surely say it was love at first kiss. Oh there was a lot more to Hayden than those lips, but they were what started it all for me. We were in his daddy’s car, no less – an Oldsmobile Rocket, like a lot of middle-class folks on Herbert Street had in those days. And before you go thinkin’ that we were parkin’ out on Lost-Love Point, we weren’t. We were good Christian kids, sittin’ in that car right in front of my best friend Ellie’s house waitin’ for her to finish curlin’ her foot-long hair so we could all go to the movies.

I remember thankin’ her later for takin’ so long with her hair, because it gave me more time to fall in love with Hayden Chalmers’ lips. But eventually she came out to the car and we pretended that nothin’ had happened. It was our first date after all and I wasn’t that easy. Well, I was when it came to first base, but that’s all he was gonna get ‘til I saw an engagement ring. That’s just how you were in those days. A boy had to ask you good and proper and he had to ask your daddy first. Even then most girls I knew didn’t let their fiancé’s see ‘em naked ‘til the weddin’ night. I guess that’s a bit old fashioned these days, but my momma brought me up right.

I’m not sure I even remember the movie we went to that night. I think all I really remember was the soda drink I had hangin’ on the window next to the speaker. All I could do was drink that cola and think about those sweet lips I’d kissed, and how I was quite possibly in love. I was watchin’ Hayden while he was watchin’ the movie. He looked over at me a few times and gave me a big smile like he knew that I was gettin’ sweet on him. I think I must’ve gone through five or six sodas that night. I know when I got home I had to pee like somethin’ fierce.

Well that wasn’t our last date for sure. In fact, Hayden Chalmers and I became quite the hot item that year. Everyone at school talked about it – the girls mostly, because I kept tellin’ ‘em so much about his sweet kisses they wanted to give him a try for themselves. But Hayden knew better and saved ‘em only for me – which was good because I would have had somethin’ to say to those girls if they’d laid a hand on my Hayden.

But I guess I should start at the beginnin’ and tell you that I went through a few other boys before I met my Hayden.

From author Heath Buckmaster comes this trip through time, as an aging southern widow recounts her passionate life filled with heartache and Sweet Kisses.

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Praise and Critique

Sophia (Mrs. Hayden Chalmers) chronicles her long life with quiet charm and soft familiarity. In this truly lovely book, the author weaves such an intimate and compelling story, that it is quite impossible not to fall a little bit in love with Sophia and her family. Her emotions are stunningly brought to life, and I found myself crying along with Sophia, both happy tears and sad ones. I also smiled a lot while reading it.
Without spoiling the book, it’s difficult to add more. Some of the topics and events in no particular order: prom dresses, the Korean War, unplanned pregnancy, post-traumatic stress, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, suicide, weddings, funerals, yard sales and porch swings. – Reader in Walton, KY

I think this my favorite book written by Heath. I can’t express what a REAL character Heath created in Sophia. I felt so connected to her… and months after finishing the book I find myself still thinking about her. It’s hard for me to believe she is a fictional character. I will say (while trying not to spoil any of the story) that I didn’t love a certain part of Sophia’s story. I found myself wanting to change it just a bit. I sent Heath a message… including my feedback… and he said his Mother actually felt the same way. HeeHee. You’ll have to read the book to find out if you feel the same way! – Reader in Madison, NJ

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