The Guardian of TeraMagoria

cover_ForWebThe lonely witch Bertha sat at the window of her bedroom in a large and dusty castle. Across the river a group of villagers laughed and played, and averted their eyes from the watching witch. They were afraid of her, but Bertha did not understand why. She was a good witch, after all. She had never cast a mean spell in her life, and wouldn’t think of doing so. And so she was alone without a true friend – except for the ghosts that lived with her in the castle. But a ghost couldn’t give her a hug when she was sad, and a ghost couldn’t join her for dinner.


She longed for a real and true living friend who could be her companion. And then after the strangest of circumstances, into her life came a talking red fish, a ghost witch, and a mystery to solve that was hundreds of years old.

Can Bertha solve the mystery of the talking fish? Will she ever earn the respect of the villagers? And will she learn how to fly like a proper witch?

Join the adventure as Bertha the White Witch sets out across three magical kingdoms in search of the missing guardians – and perhaps, finds herself along the way.

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