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The Alphabet Song Part II

There isn’t a part one. Well, there was, but it was crap. Not that part two is any better.

After the rain clouds have Burst in the sky, out Comes the sun and Dries up all the rain.

Even though you thought I was Fooling you with that rhyme, the Goal of the poem, is not to keep time.

How can you expect me to know every Itsy, bitsy thing Just because I’m the King?

Lately I’ve been thinking that Most of the work done around here is done by No one. That’s right. The Only one who seems to have a grasp on what is Possible is the Queen.

but her problem is that she Refuses to let anyone else offer advice, or do anything to Steal her Thunder.

honestly she really does Underestimate the Value of a good companion.

When will she ever learn that Xenon headlights are better for night driving?

Yesterday is too late – if she doesn’t get with it the Zephyr in the sky at night will hit her.

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