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The night before Christmas was a long, long time ago. This fact is rarely disputed even thousands of years later, despite nights being eves and having their own associated celebrations. But this is not a tale of eves and nights – it’s a tale of a child, more powerful that she could have ever realized.

And so in that time of nights and Christmases there lived a young and precocious girl named Kay. She hardly ever spoke – her shyness so profound as to confuse and confound those who so desperately wanted to talk to her. So they called her Silent Kay (at least, the exceedingly naughty boys who insisted on pulling her hair after school called her that).

On the day before Christmas – neither night nor eve yet – Silent Kay was casually knitting a sweater to give to her mother. The value of home economics was seldom appreciated in youth, but Kay was an appreciable child and therefore knew the value of needles and knitting. In the midst of her knitting came a knock at the door. Kay frowned in frustration at the callous disregard for her moment of knitting, but gave up her efforts as the knock came again.

Opening the door with a turn of the knob, Kay looked. What she saw on the doorstep was a bold and confusing sight to behold. On the doorstep was a knight – a knight whom she did not know. What a silly thought I’ve just had, Kay thought to herself. I know no knights to begin with, much less this one who disturbs my holiday knitting. So she settled herself against the door frame and asked, “What do you need?”

“Pardon me,” said the knight. “I’m in need of your help! I have casually yet vigorously scraped my knees and my knuckles. I need a bandage.” He paused for a moment to fret, and then continued his thought. “I have a bandage in my knapsack, but I can’t get it out due to knots in the rope holding everything together! Please, can you help me?”

Silent Kay pondered a moment and then thought of her knitting. Knots were her thing and she nodded her head as if to say “yes.” She inquisitively wondered why nodding was easier than simply saying, but by the time she was nearing an answer she had already gone to the kitchen to fetch a knife.

“Here let me help you, good Knight,” said Kay. And with expertise in her grip she took knife to knot, and cut it away. “There,” she exclaimed, “the knot is undone. Now let’s find that bandage and fix you all up.”

“Oh, Kay,” said the knight. “You’ve been so kind to me that I must make the truth known to you. I am not really a knight. I am the King!”

This mad revelation caused Kay to go silent. The King at her house? How crazy was that?
“I would like to thank you for helping me, Kay. Especially since you helped me never knowing that I was really not a knight! If you will kneel down, on your right knee please, I will make you a real knight – a Knight of the Kingdom!”

It was the first time Kay even knew she lived in a kingdom, but the sweater would not knit itself, so she knelt down on her knee. The king tapped her shoulder with his sword and proclaimed, “Kay on this Christmas Eve day, I dub thee a knight. From now on you will be known as Knight Kay.”

And that is how Silent Kay became a Knight before the Night Before Christmas.

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The Guardian of TeraMagoria

cover_ForWebThe lonely witch Bertha sat at the window of her bedroom in a large and dusty castle. Across the river a group of villagers laughed and played, and averted their eyes from the watching witch. They were afraid of her, but Bertha did not understand why. She was a good witch, after all. She had never cast a mean spell in her life, and wouldn’t think of doing so. And so she was alone without a true friend – except for the ghosts that lived with her in the castle. But a ghost couldn’t give her a hug when she was sad, and a ghost couldn’t join her for dinner.


She longed for a real and true living friend who could be her companion. And then after the strangest of circumstances, into her life came a talking red fish, a ghost witch, and a mystery to solve that was hundreds of years old.

Can Bertha solve the mystery of the talking fish? Will she ever earn the respect of the villagers? And will she learn how to fly like a proper witch?

Join the adventure as Bertha the White Witch sets out across three magical kingdoms in search of the missing guardians – and perhaps, finds herself along the way.

The Magical Adventures of Princess Carrina

The website says this is “the third and final magical adventure” in the series but I’m seriously hoping Heath rethinks this… I finished this book and I’m still dying to know what would happen next. The characters and their adventures became real in my head… and I can’t accept that I won’t be reading more. – Reader in NC

castle_300dpi_6x9_working copyIn this special edition collection, all three books in the series come together as one complete story.


Enjoy the adventure as Princess Carrina and her friends first discover the secrets inside the Box of Hair, save a young boy from an evil witch in The Venus Diary, and finally battle three siblings in The Dragons of Tarnack.

This digital book is also available at:

Book 1: Box of Hair, a Fairy Tale

In the tallest tower of Castle Underbrook, Princess Carrina sat quietly on her window ledge watching the fading colours of the sunset. Actually, she spent most days locked away in her room, too scared to leave the castle. A strange magical power was growing inside her but she had no idea what it was or how to use it.

To the far north, in an ancient cottage buried deep within the woods, an evil ugly witch and her sister were brewing up a dastardly plot. They were going to kidnap the royal princess and steal her beauty for themselves!

Will the princess be able to escape from the clutches of the evil witch and uncover the mystery of magic?

Box of Hair: A Fairy Tale is the first of three delightful magical adventures with Princess Carrina and her friends. The story continues in The Venus Diary and concludes in The Dragons of Tarnack.

Book 2: The Venus Diary

While on vacation at the source lake, Prince Flame discovers a child’s diary in Grimelda’s book collection. The origin of the diary is a mystery, but even more troublesome are the drawings of scary men and an evil witch that adorn the worn pages.

Princess Carrina and her friends set out to find the owner of the diary, but their journey takes them into the depths of the source lake, and into a kingdom that is ruled in darkness.

Can they save the child from captivity? And who is the true author of the diary?

Join Princess Carrina and her friends as they set out on their second magical journey, in The Venus Diary, the exciting sequel to Box of Hair: A Fairy Tale. And don’t miss the exciting series conclusion in The Dragons of Tarnack.

Book 3: The Dragons of Tarnak

Carrina and Flame were arguing in the library. Flame wanted to set up the portal near the fireplace so it would appear as though the visitors had just stepped out of the flame. He thought it would make for great humour since his name was Flame.

Carrina, however, was trying to be more practical. “Darling, what would happen if they travelled here and accidentally stepped right into the fireplace? Do we really want the inaugural visit of the King and Queen of Acadia to end with them going up into flames?”

The prince knew she was right. “But think of the excitement!” Unfortunately, that was the only thing he could think of as a response.

Carrina stared at him a moment then moved the tall wooden pedestal away from the fireplace and into a safer corner of the room. There was nothing on the pedestal yet, but in a matter of hours a worn leather diary with a bronzed star would be laying open on top of it. Of course, no one would actually be reading the book; they would be paying attention to the travellers who would be stepping out from it. Carrina was about to create a permanent magical portal to the Kingdom of Acadia.

She knew it was only a matter of time before she learned how to return and visit their dear friends Venus and Grimelda. That time had come two months ago when the princess remembered the connection between The Venus Diary and Underbrook. It was one of two physical items that had existed in both kingdoms, the other being a large boat docked in a marina on the source lake. Carrina thought it would probably be more convenient to use the diary instead of the boat if they needed to travel quickly.

After their first visit back to Acadia, Carrina and Grimelda agreed to establish a permanent portal between the kingdoms. That way they could visit each other any time they wanted and it would allow Carrina’s parents, the King and Queen of Underbrook, to establish a new royal relationship.

Flame sat down on a comfortable sofa near the fireplace as Carrina pushed the podium around the room. She spent nearly ten minutes shifting the wooden stand back and forth until finally Flame grew impatient. “Carrina! The podium is fine. They will be here soon and we still have more preparation to do. Just put it in the corner and be done with it!”

Carrina sighed in frustration then stopped moving the podium and left the library. She needed to get dressed in her royal gown and get back to the throne room before Venus and Grimelda arrived. It was the first time her parents were going to meet the new King and Queen of Acadia. They had been eager to meet them after Carrina and Flame told of their great adventure all because of a child’s diary.

An alliance with another kingdom could be of great value to Underbrook, so King Reginald was eager to meet King Venus.
Carrina and Flame rushed down from their room, both of them wrapped in fine royal gowns made from heavy cotton and gold threading. They joined the king and queen in the throne room and then the four of them walked silently into the royal library. The room was a fitting place for the portal since they would be using a book to make the magic happen.

Carrina stepped forward to the podium and placed her hand on the smooth wood surface. She spoke softly, not in an actual language, but more in a thought and a hum. She was calling on her power to create a connection to the diary. A vibration formed in the air around the podium as the portal linked with the diary. In the centre of the vibration a tiny light formed, bright and white, slowly expanding into the room. The princess stepped back and joined her family as they watched the light expand into the vibration.

Almost like a doorway the light opened up and King Venus and Queen Grimelda of Acadia stepped through.

Praise and Critique

The website says this is “the third and final magical adventure” in the series but I’m seriously hoping Heath rethinks this (hint hint Heath). I finished this book and I’m still dying to know what would happen next. That is how good I thought this book was. The characters and their adventures became real in my head… and I can’t accept that I won’t be reading more. – Reader in NC

I know the Princess Carrina series is supposed to be for “young readers” but I have to tell you that I am totally LOVING the books and I’m 38 years old! Heath Buckmaster took this one even farther than he did with Box of Hair.
There’s more dialogue, excitement, depth in the characters, and the descriptions of the adventures and surroundings make you feel like you’re right there! I could SEE the locations, the expressions of the characters, and the bond between the main characters as if I was watching it on a screen! I’m so excited for the 3rd book in the series to come out soon and would really LOVE to see the story-line make it to the big screen!
I hope this author continues to share his wit, sense of adventure, and creativity with us for a long, long time! – Reader in CA