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Short Stories

A Pair of Shorts Volume 1

A Pair of Shorts Volume 1 The Peregryn: Marvelous and wonderful things often happen when the night is cold and the moon is shrouded in a deep and winding fog. A light mist of rain can even set the mood for magical and spiritual events. On my night, the night when these marvelous, wonderful, and […]

A Pair of Shorts Volume 2

A Pair of Shorts Volume 2 Personality Disorders: It began as an exploration into my seemingly crazy behaviour. Was there a reason for it? Could it be explained scientifically? Was there a connection between my obsession, my compulsion, my addictions, and my attempts at functioning as a normal human being during the day? This exploration […]

Thorn Valley

Thorn Valley In the dark recess of a cold cave, a glittering assortment of stones sparkled in the nearly imperceptible light. The adventurer stared at the shining diamonds, wondering if he dared take them out of the cave and into the light of Thorn Valley. A desperate short that takes us to a valley full […]

Silent Kay and the Night Before Christmas

The night before Christmas was a long, long time ago. This fact is rarely disputed even thousands of years later, despite nights being eves and having their own associated celebrations. But this is not a tale of eves and nights – it’s a tale of a child, more powerful that she could have ever realized. And […]