Books / Bibliography

All writings by Heath Buckmaster are works of fiction. All of the characters, and events portrayed in these stories are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Transaltar Publishing is the imprint for all books by Heath Buckmaster.

Young Adult Fiction

Box of Hair, a Fairy Tale – ISBN-13: 9780977180240
The Venus Diary – ISBN-13: 9780615206783
The Dragons of Tarnak – ISBN-13: 978-1435746244
The Magical Adventures of Princess Carrina (Special Edition) – ISBN-13: 9781304534552
The Guardian of TeraMagoria (TeraNor Book 1) – ASIN:‎ B01AS94FTE

Adult Fiction

Homo sarcasmus, Volume 1.0 – ISBN-13:‎ 978-0615204192
Homo sarcasmus, On the Origin of the Species – ISBN-13:‎ 978-0557305643
Sweet Kisses, Memories of Hayden Chalmers – ISBN-13: 9780557049585

Works of Poetry

Pear in a Bowl – ISBN-13:‎ 978-0977180202
Gods and Shadows
Is It Any Wonder I Love You
God’s Pear in a Shadow Bowl of Love (compilation) – ASIN:‎ B001HN67GA

Short Stories

Thorn Valley – ISBN-13: 9780557036974
Silent Kay and the Night Before Christmas
A Pair of Shorts Book 1 (The Peregryn; Midnight) – ASIN:‎ B004TAV8X0
A Pair of Shorts Book 2 (Personality Disorders; Maureen, a Disturbing Short) – ASIN: B009XW8FP8
Memories of Easter

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